Mainsaver Add-On Applications

Over the years, EAM Expert has produced a number of “add-on” applications to Mainsaver to enhance it’s functionality. While Mainsaver is a great product as is, there are a few big gaps that make some core functions very difficult to perform.

Our suite of applications have all been built using Microsoft Access. They link directly to the Mainsaver tables and allow the user to modify data within Mainsaver using a simple and intuitive user interface. They are all easily customized and can save your Mainsaver users countless hours and spare them the frustration of trying to do the same function within the standard Mainsaver interface.

These applications are all reasonably priced and include installation, training, and support services.

Youtube Videos of each applications are currently being created.  Please check back soon to access the links to the video for each.  Currently, each link below will launch the PDF user guide.