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My name is Joe Petronio (view resume in a new window) and I’m the former Manager of Education at the Mainsaver company.  I left the company back in 2002 and have been a Mainsaver Consultant ever since.  I’m fully independent and have no business relationship with the Mainsaver Company.

Since 1999, I have implemented and supported the Mainsaver software as a Mainsaver client, a Mainsaver employee, and over the past 17 years, as an Independent Mainsaver Consultant.  As a client, representing Solar Turbines Inc. in San Diego, I worked with the Mainsaver development team to add many of the features now found in the Shop Floor module.  As an employee, I developed course-ware, taught Mainsaver, InfoMaker, Crystal Reports, and PowerBuilder classes in San Diego as the Senior Instructor while also managing the Education department.  During my employment with the Mainsaver Company, I wrote most of the KPI reports that exist in the software today.

Being a former Mechanic, Maintenance Engineer, and user of Mainsaver, I have always been focused on the usability of the software.  If any of my clients needs functionality that is either missing or broken in Mainsaver, I have the tools and the skills to either fix it or build an add-on solution from scratch if necessary.

The solution to getting the most from the software always falls into some or all of the following categories:

The solution to getting the most from the software always falls into some or all of the following categories:

Simply configuring Mainsaver to match you current business processes is not always the best route to success. Applying software and technology to any organization usually requires some level of thinking "outside of the box". My experience as a maintenance professional (in management, as a technician, and even as a union representative) combined with my MBA education often allows me to bring a unique and fresh prospective as to how to best apply your EAM system to reach your business goals.
Although Mainsaver is an excellent product "as is", it can't address everyone's unique needs 100%. Using PowerBuilder, we modify screens and reports quickly and at a very reasonable price. Click HERE to see a small sample of the projects we have done.
  • Interface to Quickbooks (IIF File Generator)
  • Spare List Management Tool
  • Asset Type Editor
  • Parts Location Management Tool
  • Web-based work order interface with multi-level approvals
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Nothing is more important than reporting out of your EAM / CMMS system.  They're called Information Systems for a reason.  If you can't pull out the information you need to better your business, there's a breakdown.  Click HERE to learn more about EAM Reporting.  If you'd like to see some sample Mainsaver specific reports built by EAM Expert over the past 16 years, click HERE
Providing rock-solid skills in Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Adaptive Server, and Microsoft Access, EAM Expert can help you with all of your database needs. Whether it's setting up, upgrading, maintaining, repairing a corrupt database, or a full data conversion, EAM Expert has you covered. With an intimate knowledge of the Mainsaver data structure, anything is possible. Scrubbing out obsolete codes and records, no matter how deep the links (data relationships) may seem, is quick and easy work for EAM Expert.
I offer a support contract whereby I simply keep track of my time spent and send invoice at the end of each month.  I do not charge for months during which I'm not called upon to help.  This includes answering functionality questions via phone or email, conduction online training sessions, troubleshooting, and providing reporting services.  I conduct these sessions using GoToMeeting.  Many of my clients have also given me VPN access to their systems so that I may provide the highest level of support possible.

My rates are very reasonable and I’m always quick to respond. I hope you’ll find me easy to work with.  References are provided upon request.