Mainsaver Training

While all of our Mainsaver courses are tailored to each client, our preferred structure is to teach Mainsaver courses by job function as opposed to teaching module by module. We’ve found this approach be much more intuitive and minimizes wasting students’ time teaching them things that do not specifically apply to their job function.

Now offering courses in ALL versions of Mainsaver (from version 5 through 12.9).

Regardless of the job function below, we recommend that every Mainsaver user first attend the 1-day Mainsaver Foundation course.

Mainsaver Foundation subjects include…


  • Navigation
  • Querying
  • Table view functions such as:
    • default preferences
    • column modification
    • table view reporting
    • exporting data
    • list reports
      • modifying list reports
  • using external references
  • Field F3 Lookups and Query Lookups

During the foundation course we include a workshop to build queries and dashboards (version 12.8 and higher) and for each student (that apply specifically to your job). Some of the queries we build include SQL code that cannot normally be built using the query builder (such as cross-table table queries and queries that compares today’s date). These queries circumvent some of the limitations of Mainsaver making the system much more user friendly. Lastly, as a group, we configure Mainsaver’s “Event Notifications” which are events that can cause emails to be sent. An example of this would be to configure the system so that any new work order that is created and has your name in the Planner field to automatically send you an email (or text to your phone) making you aware of the new record. This is a very robust feature that can save you a considerable amount of time not having to constantly monitor the system.


Customers of Maintenance

This 2-hour course focuses on Work Requests and querying records.  Typically “Customers of Maintenance” are those who request that work be done.  Aside from inputting Work Requests, they need to learn how to check up on the status of their requests.  This means they need to be skilled in:

  • General Querying
  • Work Request and/or Work Order
    • adding
    • querying
    • editing
    • exporting
    • running list reports

If Mainsaver is used as your company-wide purchasing system, the user will also learn:

  • Purchase Requests
    • adding
    • querying (potentially Purchase Orders as well)
    • editing
    • exporting (potentially Purchase Orders as well)
    • running list reports (potentially Purchase Orders as well)

Maintenance Tradespeople

While this course will vary greatly from one maintenance organization to another,  this 3 – 4 day course is largely focused on work orders. 

Work Orders



  • researching parts usage histories
  • spares lists
  • material requests
  • looking up stocked parts
Lead Maintenance Personnel / Planners / Maintenance Engineers


  • Specifications
  • Spares Lists
  • Meters

PMs / Routes / Demand Tasks

Work Order Planning

Work Order Scheduling

Mainsaver Administrators

This 1-day course covers all aspects of configuring and maintaining Mainsaver via the System Administration module.  Some of topics include:

  • adding and maintaining codes used throughout the system
  • managing users, logins, and security
  • understanding all application switches
  • budget calendars
  • column configuration
  • event notifications
  • setting up custom grids for users
  • pushing out queries to users

In order to get the most from this course, students should already have an advanced understanding of Mainsaver.  It is recommended that they attend all Mainsaver courses first, before attending this one.

We also offer Mainsaver courses to teach only the newest features.  This is most useful following an upgrade, teaching you the differences between your old version and your upgraded version.