Why EAM Expert?

We understand what it takes to implement and maintain an effective Maintenance organization.  Asset Management is more than just software software.  We know this from years of helping clients re-implement failed implementations due to poor choices with People, Process, and Technology.
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With our 30 years of experience in the Maintenance field, we have the knowledge and experience to lead your Maintenance staff into a properly implemented system.  We’ve seen time and time again, the best implementations always stem from a quality team that is driven from top management down.  Those folks with the best understanding of both the assets and of the customer’s needs.


A large part of what we do is Business Analysis.  Whether is be streamlining your work flow or simply designing metrics that are right for you, we understand the business.  We look at Maintenance, not as a Cost Center, but as a Profit Center.  Maintenance costs can absolutely be quantified, reduced, and above all, proactive.  Firefighting should not be something a Maintenance organization accepts accept as normal day-to-day operations.


Only after you have the correct people and processes in place, can you expect to implement technology such as a CMMS / EAM system.  Software and technology are simply the tools used to help you accomplish, measure, and continually improve on your processes.   With many years of experience with Mainsaver, JD Edwards CAM, and Infor, we can absolutely help make the system work for you!